(C) 2012 Risto Saarelma

Telos is a small tactical wargame where you must overcome an army with a single massive battle tank.

The map uses hexagonal tiles, with six movement directions from each tile. Use the q,w,e,a,s,d keys to move and the u,i,o,j,k,l keys to fire.

It was originally intended to be my contribution for the 2011 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, but I didn’t manage to complete it then.

The game is programmed in C++ using several features from the new C++11 standard. It is currently (March 2012) probably not buildable with other compilers than GCC.

The game uses OpenGL for graphics, and requires a somewhat up-to-date OpenGL display drivers. The Linux version also expects to find a dynamically linkable SDL library installed.


Windows executable
GNU/Linux 32-bit x86 executable
GNU/Linux 64-bit x86 executable

Source code available from the GitHub page


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