(C) 2009-2010 Risto Saarelma

Teratogen is a simple roguelike game inspired by survival horror games. You go down the levels, shoot the various mutated creatures, and try not to die. Since the game isn’t very well-balanced, not dying doesn’t really work that well.

The maps in Teratogen are hex-based. You can only move in six directions. Because of this, the movement key setup is somewhat different from the roguelike standard. You can move around using the qwe and asd keys, as well as the arrow keys and numpad keys. The game is mostly about shooting things and, for the sake of faster gameplay, you can’t aim in other directions than the 6 cardinal ones. Shooting has its own dedicated keys. You use uio and jkl keys to shoot. So the idea is to keep one hand on the movement keys and the other on the shooting keys.

The game is programmed in the Google Go programming language, and started out as an exercise to test Go’s suitability for game programming.


You must have SDL, SDL_ttf and SDL_gfx libraries installed to run Teratogen.

There are currently only Linux binaries, due to the problems of compiling Google Go programs on Windows.

32-bit Linux

64-bit Linux

You can find the source at the project page.